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En unik doft för varje tillfälle 

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Sthlm Fragrance Supplier series of exclusive fragrance oils are produced in the fragrance mecca Grasse in southern France together with our perfume manufacturer. All fragrance oils are carefully selected so that we can offer a fragrance for every occasion , mood and home. We offer fantastic scents that create the perfect "first impression" Perfume oils are small drops with great effect. They are highly concentrated in each bottle, and you only need a few drops of them in your Aroma Diffuser to get a perfect fragrance. News for 2019 is our fragrance No 17 Inspirit which is 100% natural oil with the same lovely fragrance as the rest of the range.

Our Scents  | No 1-No 20

No 1 Meadow Lily & Cotton Musk

Scent: A powdery soft, woody floral with a heart of meadow lily, jasmine, white neroli and iris wood wrapped in clouds of dreamy musk, precious amber and smooth, creamy vanilla.

Luxurious and modern scent that is described as addictive by our customers.

Size: 10 ml
Good Vibes Only

No 2 Lavender

Scent: A scent of fresh French lavender. An aromatic sweet, floral and a little herbal scent oil. Lavender oil has a ravenous effect on body and mind and reduces stress. It brings to mind the Mediterranean and Provence with its fresh charismatic scent.
Size: 10 ml
Relax, Refresh, Recharge

No 3 Lemongrass

Scent: A fresh citrus scent from to a range of fragrant tropical grasses (such as palmarosa and ginger grass). Lemon grass provides energy, positivity and clarity. Effectively cleans the air and raises the concentration. This is the fragrance oil in our serie which also effectively eliminates unwanted scents.
Size: 10 ml
Positiv Mind, Positiv Live

No 4 Vanilla & Peony

Scent: Vanilla with Peony is the winning combination. Atmospheric and luxurious scent of smooth creamy vanilla with a soft floral scent of peony. The aroma is warm, fresh, floral and a great favorite among our customers. This scent has been our best seller since we launched it.
Storlek: 10 ml
Fresh, Floral ,Luxury

No 5 Ocean Breeze

Scent: A fresh breeze of clean, marine scent with a modern tones. This fragrance is ideal for both homes and resorts and hotels that lie along beaches and water fronts.
Size: 10 ml
Take me to the Ocean

No 6 White Tea & Sage

Scent: Clean, refreshing and modern scent with tones of sage and white tea. The notes make your thoughts wander towards the Orient. White Tea and Sage are a winning combination. These sophisticated notes are often used by luxury hotels and when you want to create the feeling "like a hotel, only at home".

Size: 10 ml

Crisp, Clean, Luxury

No 7 Green tea

ScentSlightly sweet refreshing scent with hints of herbs and green tea. Uplifting scent that spice up your senses. Immediately bring your thoughts toward warmer latitudes. Green Tea is a fragrance often used by hotels located in warmer climates such as Florida and other tropical locations.

Size:10 ml

Faintly Sweet, Refreshening, Herbal

No 8 Bamboo

Scent: The fresh tones of the bamboo contain wild grass, jasmine and exotic details of orange flower and white orchid. Very refreshing fragrance that creates well-being and spa feeling. Suits perfectly as well in homes as hotels, spas, shops, restaurants through the pure mild scent
Size: 10 ml
Ability, Motivation, Attitude

No 9 Lily Of The Valley

Scent: A fresh scent of our beloved summer flower lily of the valley. An unbeatable scent that creates well-being all year round. The scent is a much appreciated note and is often used in more exclusive perfumes. Lily of the valley symbolizes luck in love and that happiness returns. No wonder this is the scent we desire in every room.

Size: 10 ml
That Summer Feeling

No 10 Christmas Spice

Scent: A nostalgic and magical scent of Christmas all spices-cardamom, carnation, orange and cinnamon. Creates a cozy atmosphere during the winter's dark days. The winter and Christmas are so associated with scents so this fragrance creates a feel-good feeling that simply becomes addictive during the season.
Size: 10 ml
Winter Wonderland

No 11 Pink Grapefruit

Scent: A magical fragrance of sophisticated bubbling and sweet Pink Grapefruit elements of creamy vanilla. This is a # 1 scent and fills the air with a weaving and romance. Leaving a sparkling effect! 
Size: 10 ml
Sparkling Pink Grapefruit

No 12 For Him

Doft:Long awaited modern scent for men. Pure fresh scent with tones of wood.
Storlek: 10 ml
Modern Fresh Woody

No 13 Clean Cotton

Scent: Imagine freshly washed laundry swaying in the summer breeze. Ozonic wafts of light white musk cascade through refreshing notes of  breezy eucalyptus, sun-ripened oranges. Heart notes include jasmin petals, seakelp and delicate mimosa. 

We cannot get enough of this scent in Scandinavia. It gets every room or environment you use this in to be experienced as clean and fresh.
Size: 10 ml
So fresh, So Clean

No 14 Coconut

Scent: Summer fresh coconut scent that reminds you of tropical summer. The scent is fresh and mildly addictive. With an undertone of pineapple, this scent creates holiday feeling all year round.
Size: 10 ml
Peace Love & Coconut

No 15 Lavender Vanilla & Chamomile

Scent: A sensual and calming blend of fresh French lavender and Vanilla bean with a touch of chamomile. The most serene scent of the series. Perfectly suited to the bedroom and for a good night's sleep.

Size: 10 ml
Sweet Dreams

No 16 Oud

Scent:  The scent Oud is described as liquid gold and is highly valued by fragrance creators for its warm sweetness mixed with wood, balsamic with elements of amber, vanilla, rose and leather. A very complex scent that fits just as well for men and women.
Size: 10 ml
Liquid Gold

No 17 Inspirit- 100 % naturlig olja

Scent:Zesty orange, mandarin and ripe green bergamot infused with herbaceous lavender and chamomile accords.
Size: 10 ml
Inspired by Nature

No 18- Tigerlily

Scent: Rich, floral tigerlily with patchouli and musk combined perfectly with juicy casaba melon.

Top Notes: Pineapple, Casaba Melon
Middle Notes: Tigerlily, Gardenia
Base Notes: Musk, Patchouli
Size: 10 ml
Wild & Beautiful

News- Release date 28/6-2019

No 19 Amber & Vanilla

ScentA warm and powerful scent of delicious Vanilla and Musk and Amber. Together they make up the most delicate of fragrances filled with inspiration.
Top Notes: Heliotrop flower
Middle Notes: Star anis, Vanilla
Base Notes: Ambery accord , Tonka

Size: 10 ml

News- Release date 28/6-2019

No 20 Jasmin & Magnolia

ScentA crisp, floral fragrance that is enveloped by both notes of heady jasmine and subtle magnolia with additional, unexpected notes of melon, cucumber and white peach.

Top Not: Melon, White Peach
Middle Notes: Magnolia, Cucumber
Base Notes: Jasmine, Musk

Size: 10 ml
It´s time to be Fabulous

News- Release date 28/6-2019

"The perfect atmosphere, defined by scent"

Doftolja / Parfymolja Sthlm Fragrance Supplier

Product fact

• Perfume oil produced in EU
• Not tested on animals.
• IFRA certified , follow Swedish and EU law.
• Produced in France / Grasse
•Packed in medicine glass with drip-free cork
•Our oils are phthalate-free
• Sthlm Fragrance Supplier is a Swedish brand

The IFRA standards form the basis of the globally accepted and recognized risk management system for the safe use of fragrance ingredients and is included in IFRA's Code of Practice.