Aroma Diffuser- Take a minute and read through our FAQ to get the most out of your Aroma Diffuser. Tutorial video at the bottom.

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Aroma Diffuser has several modes and can switch between different beautiful colors of LED light with fragrance function. You easily control the look and function with a button sim sitting on the front. Here you can switch so that the light changes calmly in color, stop it in a lighting (color) or leave it with mist and scent without lighting. 

Via button press:
1. The light switches in 7 different colors + fragrance function
2. Stay on a color + fragrance function
3. Without light + fragrance function
4. turn off

Aroma Diffuser Dimensions
 • Dimensions: 18, 2 cm high, 13.5 cm wide
• Durability: 2000 h

Product facts: 

• Sound <35dB 
• water tank 100-120mL
 • Top: Glass top • Base and water container: New Environmental Protection Plastic Material
• CE Approved • ISO Certified
• Loss volume: 20 +/- 5ml / h
• Safety system: Automatic of when the water has evaporated
• Package: Present Box / White Box
• Sthlm Fragrance Supplier is Swedish company

What is Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser?

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser has got its name from the ultrasonic vibrations used to break down the fragrance oil into micromolecules by vibration. This results in the creation of a mist that absorbs the amazing scent. Otherwise, all the oil has the property that it settles on the water surface, but with the Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser technique, the fragrance oil is mixed homogeneously into the water and then our amazing fragrance oil in the mist. It is not possible to compare this type of scent spread with anything else. 

This also means that the mist always feels fresh and healthy. A great advantage of this function is that our aroma diffuser does not use heat energy, which means that the water never gets over 35 g hot as this had destroyed the oil properties.  The cool mist has many health benefits and gives an increased well-being and the Aroma Diffuser can be used with or without fragrance oils.

Common questions & answers

• What do you mean with Aroma Diffuser is close to silent, I wish to have my Aroma Diffuser in the bedroom.

- Aroma Diffuser fits perfectly in bedrooms to moisten dry air and give a nice relaxing scent. You might in a quiet room perceive a soft sound of the bubbles that are formed in the watertank.

• I want the pink Aroma Diffuser that is visible everywhere on social media.

- It's the same aroma diffuser as the gray or white but in different lighting. Aroma Diffuser has different functions so it can change lightning harmoniously in different LED lights or paused in a certain "color" of the lighting that you may have seen in pictures. You can vary what color tone you want to match the interior or just change the look of your Aroma Diffuser by season, mood etc. You can also choose to have it running without lighting with mist. This comes in marble gray or white and you either see a grey marble like Aroma Diffuser in different lighting all a white Aroma Diffuser with different lighting. 

• Does it go on battery?

- You plug in this in the wall with regular contact that is added. The cord is nearly 1 1/2 m long so you can easily move it around to different rooms and spaces.

• Do I have to turn it off?

- No it automatically shuts off when the water has evaporated.

• Can it leak?

- No Aroma Diffuser is completely leak proof and it cannot leak. Simply place the glass cover in the notch in the water container, and you can set this wherever you want. Be sure to place it on a straight surface so it is not tilted. The aroma diffuser forms bubbles that create the mist so keep in mind that it should not be a gap between the water container and the glass cup, but you will easily feel when it is on. It is the glass egg in its slit that seals the water.

• What is the difference between perfume oil, fragrance oil and essential oil? 

-Sthlm Fragrance Supplier collection of fragrances consists mainly of perfume oils No 1- No 16 and it is also easily referred to as fragrance oils or aroma oils so we have chosen to call them both here and there. Our perfume oils are made in our perfume houses in Grasse / France and have almost the same composition as ordinary perfume but contain slightly more fragrances as our perfume oils will spread fragrance over a larger area and blend with water in your Aroma Diffuser. 

Perfume oils allow us to take part in a whole experience galaxy for our noses. They can offer fragrances, blends, notes that do not exist in nature and allow you to enjoy absolutely fantastic fragrance compositions. Perfume oils are usually less allergy-inducing than essential oils as the manufacturing process tends to alleviate the allergenic properties. 

Essential oils belong to the natural scents category and are finished oils that come from different plant parts. Genuine essential oils are always produced without any solvents or other substances and are usually not used in the same way just for it scent. Genuine essential oils are at a higher price than perfume oils or fragrance oils. 

We offer No 17 Inspirit which is a 100% natural fragrance oil which also offers a fantastic fragrance. 

• Is No 13 Clean Cotton an essential oil? 

-A common question from customers and resellers. 

No, Clean Cotton is a perfume oil considering that there is nothing in nature that can create a scent of Clean Cotton.

Simple care

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is easy to use. Carefully read the instruction manual that is included in each package before use.

The Aroma Diffuser contains a water container, a decorative glass cover and an adapter to plug into the wall.

Fill with water to the maximum line, 100 ml. We recommend that you always have fresh fresh water in your Aroma Diffuser if you do not let it steam off naturally until the water container is empty. Especially if you want to change scents.

If you want fragrance then add 1-3 drops from one of Sthlm Fragrance Supplier's exclusive fragrance oils in the water container.

Place the glass cover over the water container so that there is no gap between the water container and glass egg .


Now Aroma Diffuser will spread a fragrant fresh mist over a large area. All Aroma Diffuser has slightly different strength and when the water evaporates after about 5-8 hours, the Aroma Diffuser automatically shuts off.

Aroma Diffuser does not work without water.

There are some things that are important to keep in mind when using your Aroma Diffuser.

All Aroma Diffuser has an air outlet on the edge of the water tank to work. This air outlet is protected so that it cannot enter water here unless you pour water out or in here.

Keep in mind that if you have water in the water tank that you want to pour out, pour out the water on the opposite side of the air outlet . Follow the arrow in the bottom. Do not pour water into the the air outlet, this will damage your Aroma Diffuser.  

See simple description in the manual. 

We do not recommend pouring water into the water tank directly from the tap to avoid this. The water tank contains an advanced electronics and electrical outlets and there should not be any water entering the air outlet on the side or under your water tank. If you want to clean the Aroma Diffuser when changing the fragrance oil, you can easily remove the insert from the cord and lift off the glass cover and wipe with a damp cloth. Do not wash with anything that contains abrasives to avoid scratching the inside and do not rinse it under the tap. 

Clean the water tank every week with a damp cloth to avoid any dirt building up. Do not immerse. 

Do not lift the glass cover or lid on the diffuser when the appliance is in use. 

If you notice less mist coming out, you can easily screw the pipe into the glass egg. The plastic cover that sits in the glass egg should sit very loosely to distribute the mist evenly. You can detach this part and feel so that the screw at the bottom of the glass egg sits. Don't forget to put it back afterwards.

The cool mist comes out differently from different aroma diffusers.

The glass is hand made and each glass has its unique pattern. There may be air bubbles in the glass that occur during all blowing of glass and to give the egg a unique pattern.

Always read the manual before use and handle your Aroma Diffuser carefully

Tutorial Video 

Aroma Diffuser with essential oil

Take a minute and watch our video how easy you use the Aroma Diffuser with the fragrance oils. Of course, Aroma Diffuser goes just as well to use without fragrance oils to only get a healthy and healthy indoor air.