Privat label scented candle & diffuser

We create your new fragrance collection in your own brand

The dream of your brands own collection of fantastic fragrance poducts

Privat label

Private label means that, together with our customers, we produce a finished fragrance product such as scented candles and diffusers . We have a large selection of glass, lids, scents and packaging to meet our customers' visions for their own fragrance collection in their own brand. Together with our partner, all fragrance products are produced by hand in Sweden. Quality Beautiful Private Label (White Label) fragrance products


The products we offer have both environmental thinking and are made with care without toxic chemicals and without paraffin, to spare both body and environment. The glass and boxes can be recycled and reused as beautiful cups and vases. The fragrance oils we use come from France / Grasse. They are IFRA certified and support the EU regulations that are required and maintain absolutely the highest quality that is of the highest importance.


✓ An exclusive fragrance product is developed with your own brand. 
✓ Choose from our selection of finished fragrance products and fragrances or create your own signature fragrance.
✓ Your customers associate your brand with a positive experience and feeling
✓ For sales, giweaways, gifts, marketing, the areas of use are many.
✓ Scent marketing with simple process and production with fast production.

Signature Scent

It is not enough to add any fragrance to their marketing or new collection. The scent should associate with the company, the store or the product to reach its greatest potential and full effect. With us, you can choose from a large selection of already produced fantastic scents or alternatively we produce a unique fragrances just for you. Our perfume / fragrance oil producer is in the fragrances mecca Grasse / France and

Using only the highest quality and complies with EU and Swedish strict legislation and is IFRA Certified so you can be sure of getting a magical fragrance experience.

The different effects of a scent 


Create an energetic and stimulating environment. These scents are bold and lively, perfect for making people lift, increase concentration and create energy and positivity. 

Examples of refreshing scents: 

Lemon grass 

Timeless & Flowery

The memorable scents in a beautiful flower garden can breathe new life into a space. Aromatic and atmospheric, these scents create a harmony, perfect to surround yourself and stay in. 

Examples of Timeless & Floral Fragrances: Lily of the Valley
Vanily & Peony
Jasmin & Magnolia

Luxurious & Sophisticated

Images of extravagance, wealth, success and happiness come up with these refined scents. Often used by luxury hotels that wish to enhance the interior. This fragrances create a lasting impression.

Example of luxurious & sophisticated fragrance:
White Tea & sage
Amber & Vanilla

Passionate och Sensuel

Add a spark of romance and intensify the atmosphere by using scents that are seductive, sumptuous and irresistible. These scents get everyone who experiences them to fall in love

Examples of passionate and sensual scents: 

Meadow Lily & Cotton Musk
Pink Grapefruit

Relaxing & Soothing

Create an environment that allows one to unwind and relax. Soothing scents help soothe the soul and open minds, they help with stress, depression and sleep problems, which often results in a feeling restored and fulfilled.

Examples of relaxing and soothing scents: Lavender
Lavender Chamomile & Vanilla

Travel & Spa

Captures your mind by introducing some of the exotic and imaginative elements from around the world. These scents capture these moments for you to a delightful place. 

Examples of Travel & Spa Fragrances: Bamboo
Green Tea


Us Scandinavians love scents of freshly washed, warm cotton. Creates a fresh, clean, inviting atmosphere. Invite feelings of comfort and kindness and create a welcoming environment.

Examples of & Inviting scents:
Clean Cotton


Few times of the year are so associated with fragrance like Christmas. You notice a marked increase in both sales, well-being and general well-being of customers as guests and visitors by adding the scent of Christmas spices. 

Examples of Seasonal Fragrances:
Christmas Spice