Aromatherapy with 100% Essential Oils

Aromatherapy with 100% Essential Oils

The Benefits of Aromatherapy

You have probably heard a lot about Aromatherapy but do you know the benefits of it? Aromatherapy is a collective name where essential oils are used to boost and strengthen our well-being, immune system, and health. It can also be called Essential oil therapy. Aromatherapy uses natural plant extracts in the form of oils to improve the body's physical and emotional health.

The oils can be used in different ways; through scent, inhalation, massage, and bath. Sthlm Fragrance Supplier has developed the Black Line mainly for use in Aroma Diffusers, in Aroma Burners, or of course, however, you wish. If you want to use it directly on the body, one should dilute the oils.

Humans have been using Aromatherapy for thousands of years and recently the interest has been revived and Aromatherapy has gained greater recognition in science and medicine.

Why do I need it?

Scent controls our mood, breathing, thought, feeling, movement, hormones, metabolism, and resistance to disease.

Our surroundings leave an impression on us, our well-being, and our physical condition. What we experience through our senses has consequences that control our mood, breathing, thinking, feeling, metabolism and resistance to diseases, etc.

Our surroundings leave an impression on us. During the winter when it is dark most of the day we may need a boost to keep winter blues away, diseases, etc.

The oils can be used in different many ways; through inhalation and scent as in Aroma Diffusers, Aroma Burner, alternatively massage and bath among other things. Sthlm Fragrance Supplier has developed Black Line Essential Oil mainly for use in Aroma Diffusers, in Aroma Burner, or of course, however, you wish for your well-being.

With the Sthlm Fragrance Supplier Aroma Diffuser, you use the essential oils just as they are. Add a few drops to the water base and enjoy the beneficial effects through a cool mist.

Use in the same way in our Aroma Burner.

Essential Oils to use

We have chosen to work with 8 essential oils, all carefully developed to be able to offer both fragrance and specific beneficial properties.

Citrus acts directly uplifting and helps increase concentration.

The Lavender oil has a calming and very much soothing effect on us. 

Eucalyptus is most well-known for its immune-boosting effects among many other positive effects. Put this amazing oil in your Aroma Diffuser when you go to bed and wake up fresh as a daisy. 

Patchouli, with its earthy scent, is often used for its stimulating properties.

Wintergreen promotes rejuvenation of the body and reduces stress.

Ylang Ylang is used to calm stress, anxiety, Insomnia.

Tea Tree have powerful antioxidant effects among many other things.

Have in mind that you should not apply any 100% essential oils directly to the skin. You should always use a so-called carrier oil to dilute the oils as they are highly concentrated and often not meant to put directly on the skin by themself. 

What then is a carrier oil?

Carrier oil and essential oils are made from plants. Carrier oil is used to dilute essential oils and "transport" them to the skin. This is because 100% natural essential oils are highly concentrated and can cause irritation when applied directly to the skin.

Carrier oil can be used alone or with other oils to nourish your skin.

Common Carrier oil:

  • Coconut oil:
    Coconut oil contains nourishing fatty acids and polyphenols, making it an excellent carrier oil.
  • Jojoba Ola:
    Jojoba oil is technically not an oil but a wax with powerful moisturizing properties. This oil is very easily absorbed into the skin and therefore makes it a good alternative as a carrier oil.
  • Almond oil:
    The oil is light and absorbs easily and is excellent for dry skin. Sweet almond oil is one of the most popular carrier oils for skin care.

  • Olive Oil:
    Olive oil comes from pressed olives. Extra virgin olive oil is the preferred variety for aromatherapy and carrier oil and is best known as a healthy oil with a fruity aroma.
  • Argan oil
    Argan oil originates from Morocco. The oil is traditionally used to nourish the body from the inside out. It has a nutty aroma and is rich in vitamins A and E and monounsaturated fatty acids. Argan oil can help treat dry skin and hair, wrinkles and dermatitis. This makes it a fantastic Carrier oil for suitable essential oils.