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Sthlm Fragrance Supplier is an indie brand founded in 2016 to rewrite the rules for traditional fragrance products. Our passion and niche is qualitative fragrance and design and it is this passion that defines our brand. Sthlm Fragrance Supplier offers innovative, aesthetically pleasing lifestyle products for homes and businesses with scents to create impressions.

Where Luxury Came to Meet its Match

Aroma diffusers from Sthlm Fragrance Supplier create pleasant indoor air by releasing a fine mist. By simply adding a few drops of one of our exclusive fragrance oils or essentials oils, you can create different ambiances by season, room or mood.

For our conscious customers

Sthlm Fragrance Supplier is a basic fragrance, design and environment driven company.

Our key differentiator is based on sustainable design and quality and is a craft that extends to the smallest details such as functionality, manufacturing and fragrance tests, which gives our brand an exclusive and sought-after quality that our conscious customers want today.

Our lifestyle products appeal to the modern customer who places high demands on sustainable design and quality. As in an otherwise hectic lifestyle, products are appreciated for their well-being by a locally based company.

The perfect atmosphere, defined by scent

Our business concept is to offer a range of quality Aroma Diffusers with Perfume oils or Essential oils, which enhances the overall experience and well-being by spreading a fantastic long-lasting scent and creating fresh indoor air.

Our vision is to be the obvious choice in every home, for every company, hotel, spa & relax, shop, everyone who wants to positively engage and optimize the guests 'or customers' experience of the visits or meeting.

The Sthlm Fragrance Supplier product range includes innovative Aroma Diffusers that combine fragrant fresh indoor air and tranquil lighting.

The perfume fragrances in the series are produced from our perfume house in the south of France, Grasse. The series today consists of 21 pcs. scents. Each fragrance carefully designed to suit every room, environment and season.

In the world of interior design, the ability to engage all the senses is crucial.

The use of scent in interior design is as important as sight and touch because the scent in a room or office can completely improve and enhance the interior and well-being. A good scent creates a positive experience, positively affects our mood and generates an overall feeling of well-being.

First Impression last!

Joanna Kaneteg / Founder