Scent Marketing

The power behind the sense of smell

Strong, sensitive and always flies under the radar, smell is the Superman of the senses. You may think that you understand the world primarily through sight or sound, but your sense of smell is the only mind that comes fully developed already at birth. It is the only mind that is directly connected to areas of your brain that process emotions and memory. Fragrance memories are long-lasting and deeply rooted. For brands, this is a powerful tool for building emotional loyalty.

Offices, shops, hotels, brokers, spas and many other players in highly competitive industries around the world use fragrance marketing as an obvious part of their business as it is such a powerful tool for differentiating and continuing the fight for more satisfied customers who should choose them. , and return.

Create a stronger experience and customer loyalty with Aroma Diffuser

Smelling their office, shop, hotel, Spa has a proven great effect on both staff, visitors and customers. Researchers offer fascinating insights into how our noses lead us around, dictating moods, choices and desires. Researchers say that the same area of ​​the brain that processes odor also processes emotions and decisions.

Next time you walk into a luxury hotel, stop and consider how many your senses are stimulated, design, lighting, music, scent. The hotel industry abroad capitalizes on the ability of smell to directly create memories and highlight positive emotions and turn that moment into a branding opportunity.

Successful fragrance setting in industries not only strengthens brand loyalty and produces repeat guests, customers but also generates additional revenue from the sale of fragrance products. If you get a "wiff" of something good, you want to buy it with you home. Not only can you pick up an Aroma Diffuser that mimics the luxurious scent in the lobby, for example, you can create a hotel room at home.

To understand the benefits and how important scents are along with pleasant indoor air, we can start with the fact that of our five senses, the sense of smell is the strongest mind and also the most memory-triggering. This is an important part that can be forgotten when planning for the overall impression.


In a time where players feel that the competition is getting tougher, it becomes even more important to differentiate, stand out and create a feeling of well-being in order to make customers / visitors both stay longer and, above all, return. You invest money in the interior design, In the competence of your staff but how is your first impression experienced and how is the memory and experience preserved, Via fragrance you invest in associations to your brand and brand awareness.

Positive Environment

In other words, create an environment that is remembered, that contributes to a positive experience and a good memory arises. Hence recurring customers and more satisfied staff.

Create a powerful connection with the guests & customers


Because smell, unlike our other senses, is directly linked to the part of the brain that is responsible for memories and emotions, smell plays a crucial role in how we remember and experience things. The right scent has the power to strengthen your hotel's brand and allow your hotel to connect with your guests on a unique level. Research shows that the power of scents drives loyalty and guests will return to your hotel.

Major hotels and resorts around the world know the power of scenting their brand. With Aroma diffuser in hobbies, Spa section, Gym and especially in the rooms, it has never been easier to add fragrance to your hotel. In addition, our Aroma Diffuser is self-propelled with automatic shut-off and easy-to-use, the perfect extra luxury adaptation for suites and penthouses.

Recommended fragrances: 
No 1 Meadow Lily & Cotton Musk
No 6 White Tea & Sage
No 19 Amber & Vanilla


We are very happy to work with several of Sweden's largest Spa Facilities / Salons and Clinics across the country that use our Aroma Diffusers with fragrance oils.

Aroma Diffuser has many uses. Perfect in a relaxation area or Spa to enhance the feeling of exclusivity, relaxation and well-being.
With its beautiful lighting that calmly changes color, it invites you to a relaxing moment. 

Some of our satisfied customers and resellers are Vida Spa, Sthlm Saltspa, Jigler Helath & Care, Victoria Clinic, Care of Skin and more.

Recommended fragrances:
No 2 Lavender
No 5 Ocean Breeze
No 7 Green Tea
No 8 Bamboo
No 13 Clean Cotton 
No 15 Lavender Vanilla Chamomile


A positive office environment is the key to your staff dancing in on Monday morning. Adding fresh indoor air and scent can completely transform an office, conference room or reception. It creates a more pleasant environment, encourages employee efficiency and reduces stress.

Improved Performance: 
Discreet scent is ideal for most large and small office environments. For those companies that do not want to have a scent in the entire office space, but simply create a good impression for potential customers and visitors, an entrance scent is the perfect solution. Our beautiful Aroma Diffuser can be placed in your waiting room or lobby area to meet staff as employees and is also an elegant detail and perfect for all interiors.

Recommended scent:
No 3 Lemongrass
No 17 Inspirit
No 17 Tigerlily
No 20 Jamin & Magnolia

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