How to Take care
of your Aroma Diffuser.

Care instructions under the respective headline below

How to care for Aroma Diffuser

In this section, we will explain to you how best to care for your Aroma Diffuser.

Our products are created in the finest quality. It is important to use and care your Aroma Diffuser right so you can enjoy it for a long time. Take a look at our care instructions under the respective headline below.


Aroma Diffuser has several modes and can switch between different beautiful colors of LED light with fragrance function. You easily control the look and function with the button sitting on the front. Here you can switch so that the light changes calmly in color, stop it in a lighting (color) or leave it with mist and scent without lighting. 

Via button press:
1. The light switches in 7 different colors + fragrance function
2. Stay on a color + fragrance function
3. Without light + fragrance function
4. turn off

Aroma Diffuser Dimensions
 • Dimensions: 18, 2 cm high, 13.5 cm wide
• Durability: 2000 h

Product facts: 

• Sound <35dB 
• water tank 100 ml
 • Top: Glass top • Base and water container: New Environmental Protection Plastic Material
• CE Approved • ISO Certified
• Loss volume: 20 +/- 5ml / h
• Safety system: Automatic of when the water has evaporated
• Package: Gift Box / White Box
• Sthlm Fragrance Supplier is Swedish company

Decorative Aroma Diffuser in gray or dusty pink glas with tassel . These models runs with remote control or by ON/OFF button under the water base. This model is rechargeable and can stand without a cord for up to about 1-4 hours when fully charged.

The first time this model is used, it must be charged for at least 8 hours to be able to start. You can see that the light in the water base goes from red to green when it is fully charged. As soon as you start using it the light will go back to red again since battery is in use, even when connected in the wall. When it is charged for the first time, turn it on after about 8 hours even if the light is red.

You can choose to have this model connected to the outlet at all time, or disconnect it from the charger when fully charged at occasions and place it where ever you please for about 1-4 hours. When Tassel gray / pink Edition has been discharged, you recharge it again until light turn green.


On / Off button

When press On you will have intermiten mist until the water vaporize and automatic shut off. Recommended.

Light: Three settings

Warm yellow lighting
Gray lighting
No lighting

Mist Function:

1 push-Mist for 1 h, then turn it off

2 presses - Missed for 30 seconds, lost for 30 seconds for up to 2 hours

3 pressure- Mist until the water has evaporated ( as On button)

Product facts:

Gray / Dusty Pink glass with tassel

Mist and scent per 120 ml of water: Run for about 6-10 hours

automatic shutdown

Soft LED Lighting

Aroma Diffuser battery:

18650 rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Remote battery:
CR2025L Li-MnO2 button cell battery.

Remote battery lifespan: 2 years

Important Maintains

Take a look at our care instructions under the respective headline below.

Carefully read the instruction manual that is included in each package before use.

The Aroma Diffuser contains a water base, a plastic cover, a decorative glass cover and an adapter to plug into the wall.

Fill with water to the maximum line, 100 ml. Always use fresh or bottled water in every use.

Always add water first, scented oil or essential oil after in the water base.

Place the plastic cover over the water base so there is no gap, then put the glas cover over.


Aroma Diffuser spreads a fragrant cool mist over a large area. All Aroma Diffuser has slightly different strength and when the water evaporates after about 5-8 hours, the Aroma Diffuser automatically shuts off.

Aroma Diffuser does not work without water.

Important appliance maintenance:

All Aroma Diffuser has an air outlet on the edge of the water tank. This air outlet is protected so that it cannot enter water here unless you pour water out or in here. Never get water in the air outlet, this will break your Aroma Diffuser.

If you need to change water in the water base always do so on the opposite side of the air outlet.

Never add water directly from the tap. Always use a bottle to add water so no water enter the outlet.

See simple description in the manual. 

Clean the water tank after every use with a damp cloth to avoid any sediment from the oil building up. Do not immerse. 

Once a month do a bigger cleaning with white vinegar for about 10 min.

See pictures and describtion in manual.

The cool mist comes out differently from different aroma diffusers.

The glass is hand made and each glass has its unique pattern. There may be air bubbles in the glass that occur during all blowing of glass and to give the egg a unique pattern.

Enjoy the cool fragranced mist and change the scents as often as you please.

The water base is the ultrasonic diffuser itself. Since highly concentrated essential oils and fragrance oils are strong, it is important to clean your Aroma Diffuser after use to be able to enjoy your Aroma Diffuser for a long time and to keep the mist fresh and clean.

Below we describe how to clean your Aroma Diffuser in 7 easy steps:

1. The most important thing to start with is to never clean your Aroma Diffuser under running water with the risk of splashing down the water base which is an electrical product. Aroma Diffusers, has a air outlet on the edge of the water base. Water must never enter here. If water enters here, it goes straight down into the circuit board and breaks your Aroma Diffuser.

2. Always disconnect the water base from the power cord before cleaning.

3. When cleaning, Use a damp cloth and a top for the delicate ceramic counter at the bottom.

Moisten a cloth and wipe the inside of the water base. Then moisten the top and rub lightly on the ceramic counter at the bottom.

4. Clean your Aroma Diffuser after use or approximately once a week to prevent strong essential oils or fragrance oils from remaining in your Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser, which may shorten its shelf life.

5. Once a month, it is a good idea to give your Aroma Diffuser some extra care with a bigger cleaning that you do in a few minutes. Pour water to about half of the water base, add some white vinegar and turn on your Aroma Diffuser. After a few minutes, you can turn it off and rinse out the vinegar water.

6. Finish by wiping your Aroma Diffuser with a microfiber cloth.

7. The glass top on Sthlm Fragrance Supplier ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers can be cleaned any time to polish up. This part is not risk with water . Just be sure to wipe it off thoroughly before putting it back on the water base

• What do you mean with Aroma Diffuser is close to silent, I wish to have my Aroma Diffuser in the bedroom.

- Aroma Diffuser fits perfectly in bedrooms to moisten dry air and give a nice relaxing scent. You can perceive a soft sound of the bubbles that are formed in the water base or the fan working.

• I want the pink Egg shaped Aroma Diffuser that is visible everywhere on social media.

- It's the same aroma diffuser as the gray or white but in different lighting. Aroma Diffuser has different functions so it can change lightning harmoniously in different LED lights or paused in a certain "color" of the lighting that you may have seen in pictures. You can vary what color tone you want to match the interior or just change the look of your Aroma Diffuser by season, mood etc. You can also choose to have it running without lighting with mist. This comes in marble gray or white and you either see a grey marble like Aroma Diffuser in different lighting all a white Aroma Diffuser with different lighting. 

• Does it go on battery?

- Yes we do have two models that also runs on battery. Tassel Grey & Tassel Pink Edition. Do have in mind that these models also runs by outlet and needs to be fully charged before you disconnect your Aroma Diffuser and let it run only on battery for about 1-4 hour. This is a excent feature to use occationally.

Diffuser Marble, White & Bamboo Edition:

- You plug in this in the wall with regular contact that is added. The cord is nearly 1 1/2 m long so you can easily move it around to different rooms and spaces.

• Do I have to turn it off?

- No it automatically shuts off when the water has evaporated.

• Can it leak?

- No Aroma Diffuser is completely leak proof and it cannot leak. Simply place the plastic cover over the water base so it is completely sealed.  Place the glass or ceramic over the water base and plastic cover and turnt it on. Be sure to place your Aroma Diffuser on a straight surface so it is not tilted. The aroma diffuser forms bubbles that create the mist so keep in mind that it should not be a gap between the water base and the plastic cover since this will make the water come out in the gap and can break your water base. 

• Tassel Grey Edition do not start when i unpack it from the box, brand new!

- Tassel Grey & Pink Edition needs to be charged at least 8 hours before use the first time. You can see the red light turns to grean when it´s fully charged. Fisr time you can turn it on after aprox 8 h even if the light is red. 

• As soon as I turn my Tassel Grey or Pink Edition the battery light turns red, is it something wrong with it?

- No that is exactly how it works. As soon as you press ON and the Aroma Diffuser is working or if you plugg your Aroma Diffuser out the right light will go on indicating that the battery is also working and it´s not fully charged. 

• What is the difference between perfume oil, fragrance oil and essential oil? 

-Sthlm Fragrance Supplier collection of fragrances consists mainly of perfume oils No 1- No 16 and it is also easily referred to as fragrance oils or aroma oils so we have chosen to call them both here and there. Our perfume oils are made in our perfume houses in Grasse / France and have almost the same composition as ordinary perfume but contain slightly more fragrances as our perfume oils will spread fragrance over a larger area and blend with water in your Aroma Diffuser. 

Perfume oils allow us to take part in a whole experience galaxy for our noses. They can offer fragrances, blends, notes that do not exist in nature and allow you to enjoy absolutely fantastic fragrance compositions. Perfume oils are usually less allergy-inducing than essential oils as the manufacturing process tends to alleviate the allergenic properties. 

Essential oils belong to the natural scents category and are finished oils that come from different plant parts. Genuine essential oils are always produced without any solvents or other substances and are usually not used in the same way just for it scent. Genuine essential oils are at a higher price than perfume oils or fragrance oils. 

• Is No 13 Clean Cotton an essential oil? 

-No, Clean Cotton is a perfume oil considering that there is nothing in nature that can create a scent of Clean Cotton.

• I want to use Essential Oil on my skin, is that safe?

- Yes but you always need to use a carrier oil together with your essential oil on your skin. Always try the essential oil on a skin patch to see so you don´t get any reactions.