Sthlm Fragrance Supplier Aroma Diffuser

How to clean Sthlm Fragrance Supplier Aroma Diffusers

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser uses ultrasound and vibration to homogeneously mix the fragrance oils into the water that is taken up as mist and spreads a fantastic scent over a large area. 

Once you start using our Aroma Diffusers, you never go back. 

Before you start using your Aroma Diffuser, it is important to carefully read the manual that comes with it.  

What you may not always think is that the entire water tank is the ultrasonic diffuser itself. Since highly concentrated essential oils and fragrance oils are strong, it is important to clean your Aroma Diffuser about once a week to be able to enjoy your Aroma Diffuser for a long time. Once a month, it's time for a major cleaning. 

Below we describe how to clean your Aroma Diffuser in 8 simple steps: 

  1. The most important thing to start with is to never clean your Aroma Diffuser under running water with the risk of splashing down the entire water base which is an electrical product. On most Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers, there is an air outlet on the edge of the water base. It never gets hereenter water. If water enters here, it goes straight down into the circuit board and breaks your Aroma Diffuser. 

  2. Always disconnect the water base from the power cord before cleaning. 

  3. When cleaning, we recommend using a damp cloth and a top for the delicate ceramic counter at the bottom. 

  4. Moisten a cloth and wipe the inside of the water base. Then moisten the top and rub lightly on the ceramic counter at the bottom. 

  5. Clean your Aroma Diffuser approximately once a week to prevent strong essential oils or fragrance oils from remaining in your Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser, which may shorten its shelf life. 

  6. Once a month, it is time to give your Aroma Diffuser a major cleaning that you do in a few minutes. Pour in water to about half of the water base, add some white vinegar and turn on your Aroma Diffuser. After a few minutes you can turn it off and rinse out the vinegar water. 

  7. Remember to always pour water during use, first with a jug on the opposite side of the air outlet and then the scent oil. Never vice versa to start with fragrance oil. This is to protect the ceramic counter at the bottom which can be damaged if the fragrance oil remains on it.

  8. Finish by wiping your Aroma Diffuser with a microfiber cloth. The glass egg on Sthlm Fragrance Supplier ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser can be cleaned very well with a little detergent to polish up. This part is not dangerous to water. Just make sure to dry it thoroughly before putting it back on the water base.

Exact cleaning recommendations and steps will vary depending on which Aroma Diffuser you use. Please give your manual a thorough review before you start using your Aroma Diffuser, just so you know what you need to do to maintain the best function and the most effective spread of fragrant mist.

All Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser comes with a shelf life that is usually about 2000 h. If you take care of your Aroma Diffuser and clean it in the same way as described above, you will notice that your Aroma Diffuser can double its shelf life. Just be very careful about how you take care of it and make sure that everyone else in the household or office is well instructed about the care so you will be able to enjoy this magical product for a long time. 


If you do not clean your Aroma Diffuser according to care advice, this may shorten its shelf life. 
All forms of fragrance oil, perfume oil and especially essential oil are highly concentrated and if there are deposits left, this can break the water base and packing in the water base under the ceramic counter. 

If you notice that your Aroma Diffuser gives off less mist, think about when you did a thorough cleaning last and follow the advice above.