Perfume oils and Aroma Diffuser

Well-being in focus

Transform your home into a fragrant atmosphere. 

We know that there is a connection between scent, memory and our well-being, and scents have been used for therapeutic purposes for almost 6000 years. But this post is not a story about science - it is a story about emotions and well-being. Because when you find the right scents, they make us feel very good. 
With Aroma Diffuser together with a collection of fragrances, it also gives you the opportunity to use a fragrance in every room, for every mood and every season.
Aside from the memory-related powers of fragrance, certain fragrances can also do amazing things for our mind and well-being. From stress relief to increased concentration, many scents have a way of creating a positive impression. Below we break down some fragrances that are more than just a pleasant scent - they benefit your well-being.

Citrus can help you feel more energetic.

If you need a pick-me-up, choose citrus scents. Scents such as lemon, mandarin, orange and grapefruit are not only well known for their vitamin C properties, but being surrounded by citrus scent can help increase energy and positivity. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh!

Vanilla can elevate your mood.  

This fragrance is known for filling our sensory receptors with joy and relaxation. When life spins at its worst, a hint of the mild scent can give a little peace and quiet. A mist of the scent gives off a sweet and alluring scent that promotes our well-being, and in the end it is both comforting and warming.

Lavender can help you sleep.

As we know, lavender is perhaps the most well-known fragrance to relieve stress and promote relaxation. It is also known to improve sleep quality and reduce stress around.

Jasmine increases well-being.

Surrounding yourself with Jasmine improves your mood, your positive emotions as well as your energy levels.

Green tea creates both calm and energy.

It promotes a state of consciousness and makes you quickly relax. A mist of this scent will give you a feeling of refreshment, calm and energy.

And Clean Cotton. 

Clean Cotton has no scientific impact other than that we obviously love to surround ourselves with the scent of clean freshly washed laundry. Could this be because we tell ourselves that our home is clean and freshly cleaned. Yes probably. Scents of pure is the best-selling scent in Scandinavia and quite obviously a scent that makes us feel good.  

When you get a scent of fresh flowers, this can take you back to sweet memories of Swedish summer, which the body is programmed to feel good here.

When you use the scents in Aroma Diffuser, the scent is spread through a cool mist and creates a prosperous deluxe.