Scented Candles

Amazing scents in Swedish design with the greatest consideration for both environment and body. 100% vegan

Scented Candles | A hand craft of the highest quality

Scented candles 300 ml 

White Tea & Sage

Scent: Clean, refreshing and modern scent with tones of sage and white tea. The notes make your thoughts wander towards the Orient. White Tea and Sage are a winning combination. These sophisticated notes are often used by luxury hotels and when you want to create the feeling "like a hotel, only at home".
Glass: Luxury high glossy glass, Golden lid


Vanilla & Peony

Scent: Vanilla with Peony is the winning combination. Atmospheric and luxurious scent of smooth creamy vanilla with a soft floral scent of peony. The aroma is warm, fresh, floral and a great favorite among our customers. This scent has been our best seller since we launched it.
Glass: Luxury high glossy glass, Golden lid


Clean Cotton 

Scent: Imagine freshly washed laundry swaying in the summer breeze. Ozonic wafts of light white musk cascade through refreshing notes of breezy eucalyptus, sun-ripened oranges. Heart notes include jasmin petals, seakelp and delicate mimosa.

We cannot get enough of this scent in Scandinavia. It gets every room or environment you use this in to be experienced as clean and fresh.

Glass: Luxury high glossy glass, Golden lid


Meadow Lily & Cotton Musk

Scent: A powdery soft, woody floral with a heart of meadow lily, jasmine, white neroli and iris wood wrapped in clouds of dreamy musk, precious amber and smooth, creamy vanilla.

Luxurious and modern scent that is described as addictive by our customers.

Glas: Luxury smokey Grey, Gold lid


Scented Candle 200 ml


Scent: A fresh citrus scent from to a range of fragrant tropical grasses (such as palmarosa and ginger grass). Lemon grass provides energy, positivity and clarity. Effectively cleans the air and raises the concentration. This is the fragrance oil in our serie which also effectively eliminates unwanted scents.
Glass: Luxury high glossy glass, Golden lid


Pink Grapefruit

Scent: A magical fragrance of sophisticated bubbling and sweet Pink Grapefruit elements of creamy vanilla. This is a # 1 scent and fills the air with a weaving and romance. Leaving a sparkling effect!
Glass: Luxury high glossy glass, Golden lid


Product fact

  • White high glossy glass with gold lid
  • Smokey Grey glass with gold lid
  • Size 200 ml - 300 ml
  • Burn time approx 40 h - 45 h
  • Hand craft made in Sweden
  • Fragrance from Grasse / France
  • Environment friendly, vegetable oil from soybean
  • 100 % vegan
  • Free from alcohol och glycol
  • IFRA certified and follow Swedish and EU laws