Frequently Asked Questions

What does “almost silent” mean? Can I use my diffuser in my bedroom?

  • Our aroma diffusers are great for bedrooms as they moisten dry air. While they are almost silent, in a quiet room you may perceive a faint bubbling of water or faint drip of water that comes from the water being vibrated by the ultrasonic plate.

I want the Pink Marble Edition I saw everywhere on Social Media.

  • Our Marble Edition and White Edition Aroma Diffusers have 7 different LED lighting tones. The picture you may have seen is a photo a customer or we have taken with that light colour set to create the mood we wanted in that space. You can choose to set one specific colour or allow the diffuser to change colours. Click once to enjoy the multi colour function. Click twice to set the colour.

Does it run on battery? 

  • The Marble, White & Bamboo Editions must be plugged in for use. The cord is almost 1.5m long so you can easily move it around to different rooms and spaces. The Tassel Editions are rechargeable. Once recharged for 8 hours, they can be used without a power cord. 

Do I need to turn it off? 

  • No, it switches off automatically when the water has evaporated. 

Can it leak? 

  • Our Aroma Diffusers are completely leak-proof and therefore cannot leak. Please ensure the diffuser is placed on a flat surface as it contains water. Also remember to correctly place the glass top so there is no gap between the base and the top as this ensures the water tank is sealed to avoid leaks into the water outlet which would damage the diffuser.

Does it work without water? 

  • No, you must always have water in the water tank for it to work. Without water, it will not start.