How to use Perfume Oils

Add a few drops of scented oil / perfume oil in the water container in Aroma Diffuser or when making your own scented candles.

Gives Good Vibes as it says on the bottle. This is a fragrance oil you can not do without.

All fragrances in Sthlm Fragrance Suppliers' series of fragrance oils are made in the Mecca of fragrances Grasse / France and are of very high quality. These are exclusive drops, which can be felt on the lovely scent. All fragrances in the range are carefully developed to offer a fragrance for each room, environment and season. 

To think of...

Perfume oils are small drops with great effects. They are concentrated in a 10 ml bottle and you only need a few drops of them to get a great scent. 

Perfume oil can be diluted with water in an Aroma Diffuser or as an additive in scented candles, scented sticks, for potpourri or for aroma lamps. The fragrance oil has several uses.